Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Twitter acquires dynamic duo at Whisper Systems, works to beef up privacy / security. by Chris Barylick

You know that tweet you just wrote about your innermost emotions and the tasty sandwich you just ate? It's about to become that much more secure. Adding to its list of available resources, Twitter has acquired Whisper Systems, a two-man security outfit specializing in mobile device security and data scrambling on the Android operating system. Whisper, founded in 2010 by security industry mainstays Moxie Marlinspike and Stuart Anderson, has garnered a reputation for exposing high-profile vulnerabilities in systems that encrypt data over the Internet and WiFi networks. An exact buyout price for the company has yet to be released publicly -- though Marlinspike has released tools like SSLStrip that demonstrate vulnerabilities in supposedly secure web sites and has been working on a tool known as 'Convergence' -- which helps point out unreliable web certificate authorities. Not a bad find for Twitter, a company that has yet to switch over to a default HTTPS option for its 100 million active members' posts.

three one lines

I think the future of Trance music will depend on how the success of House music plays out.
In the movie Transformers, I wonder why doesn't the US army use EMP bombs to stop the Decepticons.
Jesus turned water into wine that's special however anyone can turn water into juice and that is awesome!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011